Bandcamp – Betts(JP)

Betts (JP) is an ambient project by Japanese electronic musician Betts.
Received from an everyday life scene where nature and artifacts coexist
Mainly making minimal ambient / drone music with inspiration.
Natural sounds and life sounds by field recordings. and guitar, bass, percussion, etc.
Laptop music with layers of live musical instruments, effected vocals, and electronic noise.

It is characterized by a sound with a sense of life while being inorganic and expressionless.
All artwork in the work made by himself.

Betts (JP) (born in 1981, Okayama, Japan)
A solo musician from and living in Okayama Prefecture.
After working at a web programmer and record store, he now works as a musician while belonging to a general company.
Recording with a laptop is mainly done in one corner of the living room,
The work is released on Bandcamp and various streaming services.
There is no live activity.