Betts(JP) is a solo ambient musician living in Okayama, Japan.
He does everything from music production to cover design, photography and video production all by himself.
His works include “Yasaka”, “Misago” and “Osafune”.
His works are beautiful and yet somehow strange, inorganic, but with a friendly human touch. He finds unnatural man-made structures in nature, records environmental sounds, takes photographs, and plays music at those places.He mainly plays guitar in his music making. He also uses a recording device to record ambient sounds and samples them using a computer. His goal is to create rich works with a very minimal amount of equipment, such as limiting the use of two effector pedals when recording and not using keyboard instruments.While his music is primarily composed and released as beautiful ambient pieces of music, consistent with a 9:58 minute duration, he also produces an ironic Christmas song each year, as well as an experimental piece made without any instruments, using only the sounds of daily life recorded from iPhone voice memos.He has always been inquisitive, exploring different means of production and never ceases to be energetic in creating new work.