Augast 4 2020
1.Osafune 01 / 9:58
2.Osafune 02 / 9:58
3.Osafune 03 / 9:58
4.Osafune 04 / 9:58
5.Osafune 05 / 9:58

The field recording was done in a town called Osafune, at the foot of a bridge girder where the Shinkansen runs through.

This is a rural town where Japanese swords have been a traditional craft since ancient times. The town is blessed with rich nature and kind people. Not only in the crafts, but also in agriculture and food industry, tradition is always preserved with sincerity.

By the way, there is a place in this city where modern high-speed trains roar past like they are cutting through a river. This is where I feel a strange feeling that I can’t put into words, neither negative nor positive. This is the most important inspiration for this work.

Recorded ambient sound :
Osafune-town, Okayama, Japan
長船町, 岡山県, 日本
released August 4, 2020

Free to use for a movie, Soundtrack.

All tracks recorded, mixed, mastered by Betts(JP).
Recorded 2020 at Home Studio, in Japan
Photography, Cover designed by Betts (JP)
The music he creates expresses the ordinary life and the scenery of the neighborhood.

Betts(JP) is an electronic sound artist from Okayama, Japan. He is a multi-instrumentalist who mainly plays live instruments such as guitar, but also uses various instruments. He uses field recordings in his works and edits them on the computer.

The performance is done with very little equipment, just a guitar and a microphone connected to two delay loopers, and the electronic droning is processed by computer in real time. Starting with his second release, “Misago,” the strict limit of five songs per piece, each 9 minutes and 58 seconds long, has given him more freedom and a wider range of expression.